Building a simple car audio system – part 1. The front system



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Before we start building a simple car audio system, we must answer the question of what are our expectations and, above all, what is missing in our current audio system. Why is it worth improving our system?

Cars manufacturers that are currently leaving showrooms are saving wherever they can. Cars are designed by accountants, not engineers. The newer the car, the more savings there are and most often it suffers from the vehicle’s silencing and the audio system. Many people, after years with an older car, decide to exchange it for a car straight from the showroom. Suddenly the sound is terrible and all you can listen to is news and traffic announcements.

The basic question is – what kind of music do You listen to? The selection of the entire system and car audio components depends on it. The budget that we are able to spend on modifications is equally important. We can choose fancy and very expensive speakers, but you may simple don’t have such expectations from your system. In the case of a predetermined budget, it is much easier to choose the right elements for the set. A good company should always take into account the specific amount that the customer has at his disposal in order to choose the best product available on the market. 

Front system in car audio

The speakers are not visible. They are not meant to flash or sparkle, but to play the best. A simple car audio system mainly consists of the front system. Its most important element are the front speakers. Why? The answer is simple. When we go to a concert, we always have the stage in front of us and we do not stand with our backs to it.

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It is in the front system that we try to build the best sound stage, because it will bring the best effect. It will also facilitate its later expansion.

How to choose speakers for the front of the car? They should be appropriate to our preferences and expectations. There are people who listen to hip-hop, so they will definitely want more bass and sharper treble. On the other hand, fans of classical music will appreciate good treble and medium tones.

In car audio, quality is important, not quantity. That is why it is worth choosing a good, fairly branded product. Its application and assembly are of great importance. Good speakers installed in an unprofessional way will make spending our money miss the point and the audio in the car will sound as bad as before the modifications.

If we decide on a good product, it is worth considering commissioning professional assembly. This is half the battle to having a good basic audio system in your car.

Jakub Markiewicz
Jakub Markiewicz
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