Cook and Gain Reputation in the Game “Cook For Love”

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In “Cook For Love,” players step into the shoes of Clement, a young Frenchman who lands a job at a popular Parisian restaurant. The main goal of the game is to cook unique dishes, gain reputation, and ultimately earn the title of a true chef.

Clement’s Story

“Cook For Love” is a warm and friendly game where players follow the story of Clement, a young man beginning his culinary career. Under the guidance of the legendary chef Jean-Luc Chatillon, currently aboard the Orient Express, Clement gains access to his recipe book. This book becomes the key to discovering and mastering new dishes of varying difficulty levels.

From Apprentice to Master

Throughout the game, players will have the opportunity to use various kitchen appliances and ingredients to prepare over 40 available recipes. The cooking process gradually introduces more complex and delectable dishes, allowing Clement to develop his skills and earn reputation points. These points are crucial for unlocking new recipes and advancing the chef’s experience level.

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The Final Challenge

The game culminates in a grand test where Clement must win the approval of critics to receive the Golden Spoon. This award symbolizes the highest recognition and mastery in the culinary arts. “Cook For Love” also offers a glimpse into the past of Grandma Rose’s husband from the game “Tell Me Your Story,” providing new perspectives on his youth before he met his future wife aboard the Orient Express.

Game Features

“Cook For Love” offers a range of unique features that set it apart from other culinary games:

  • Over 40 Different Recipes: Players have access to a wide array of recipes to master.
  • Pleasant and Relaxing Atmosphere: The game emphasizes a calm and stress-free experience.
  • Learning Famous Recipes: Players can learn and perfect some of the most renowned dishes.
  • Exploring Clement’s Story: Players get to know Clement better before his encounter with Rose.
  • Beautiful Hand-Drawn Graphics: Bright colors and carefully designed visuals add charm to the game.
  • Multilingual Support: The game’s subtitles and interface are available in English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.


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“Cook For Love” is a warm, friendly culinary game that allows players to explore the world of cooking through the story of young Clement. With its unique blend of storytelling, diverse recipes, and beautiful graphics, this game is set to attract both culinary game enthusiasts and those who appreciate intriguing stories and aesthetic visual experiences. The release of “Cook For Love” promises to be a significant event in the culinary game calendar.


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