Experience the Wild West in Saloon Simulator Prologue

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A new game, “Saloon Simulator Prologue,” invites players to restore an abandoned saloon and transform it into a bustling social hub. Set in 19th-century America just after the Civil War, players can immerse themselves in the Wild West atmosphere, complete with the scorching sun and sandy dunes, all while holding a glass of iced tequila.

Restoring the Saloon

Players take on the role of the owner of a dilapidated saloon, with the goal of restoring it to its former glory. Starting with cleaning and organizing, players must repair damaged furniture, purchase essential equipment, and stock up on alcohol. It’s crucial to manage finances wisely, as unplanned purchases can hinder business development.

Management and Decoration

Restoring the saloon involves not only repairs and purchases but also management and decoration. Players must create an inviting atmosphere to attract customers. By keeping the saloon clean and aesthetically pleasing, they must arrange the interior to be cozy and welcoming. Additionally, players need to learn drink recipes and become familiar with various types of alcohol inspired by 19th-century America.

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Attracting Customers

Gaining reputation points is a key element of the game. The higher the reputation, the more customers the saloon will attract. Satisfied guests will return, bringing tips that help further business development. Meeting customer expectations and ensuring their satisfaction is essential.

Logistics and Planning

Effective saloon management requires careful logistical planning. Players must plan orders in advance and maintain adequate stock levels. Negotiating with suppliers can increase business capital and enable further growth. Preparing a suitable logistical infrastructure is crucial for the saloon’s efficient operation.

Key Features of the Game

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  • Restoration and Management: Rebuilding a dilapidated saloon, purchasing necessary equipment, and managing finances.
  • Creating Atmosphere: Decorating the interior and maintaining cleanliness to attract customers.
  • Gaining Reputation: Satisfying customers, earning reputation points, and attracting more guests.
  • Logistical Planning: Maintaining stock levels, planning orders, and negotiating with suppliers.

“Saloon Simulator Prologue” allows players to experience the Wild West and test their skills in managing a saloon. With a variety of tasks and challenges, players can immerse themselves in a world full of sandy dunes, scorching sun, and galloping horses, becoming pioneers in the alcohol business.


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