Ghost Keeper: New Game from Quest Craft

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Quest Craft has announced their latest game, “Ghost Keeper,” set to debut on Steam in 2025. The game aims to revisit classic elements of the genre popularized by “Ghost Master” while introducing modern innovations and Victorian-era gameplay.

Leading a Group of Ghosts

In “Ghost Keeper,” players assume the role of an acolyte managing a group of ghosts, demons, and bloodthirsty beasts. Each of these supernatural helpers possesses unique abilities that can be developed throughout the game. Challenges include scaring mortals, avoiding traps, and countering the Brotherhood, an organization hostile to spirits.

Gameplay Mechanics

The game allows players to employ various strategies to effectively scare people and avoid threats from the Brotherhood. A key aspect of the game involves developing the powers of your supernatural wards and making strategic decisions critical to mission success.

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Victorian Aesthetic

“Ghost Keeper” offers an immersive Victorian-era atmosphere, with visual details capturing the essence of 19th-century England. The game features rich graphics and a distinctive humor, making the gameplay not only exciting but also visually appealing.

Challenges and Opponents

Besides ordinary mortals, players will face specialists from the Brotherhood, equipped with advanced ghost-fighting technologies. Countering their traps and uncovering their secrets will be crucial for success. Each mission requires a different approach and strategic use of available resources.

About the Developer

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“Ghost Keeper” is being developed by BLUM Entertainment and Quest Craft. Quest Craft, part of the Gaming Factory group, consists of passionate individuals collaboratively creating computer games. Founded in 2017, Gaming Factory specializes in supporting indie developers and bringing unique game ideas to life.


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