Gotie GCT-600 tourist kettle (review, opinions)


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The Gotie GCT-600 travel kettle is a compact device that, due to its small size after folding, can be easily taken on a trip. How does it work in practice? Find out more in my review.

When going on a trip for a few days, I always pack a few necessary things with me, without which it is difficult for me to go somewhere. They certainly include: a small iron and a kettle.

The kettle is sometimes indispensable when we want to prepare a coffee or tea, pour something warm into a thermos for a trip, or make instant soup when there is currently nothing better to eat. However, so far I have been taking a regular one-liter electric kettle. You had to always leave enough space in your luggage for it. It will change now.

Today I am testing the newest Gotie product – the GTC-600 tourist kettle. It comes in two colors – white and black. A white device came to me. Right after opening the box, you will see the power cord, black waterproof protective case and such a thicker pancake. At first I was wondering how to make a kettle from a photo out of this pancake. It turned out to be very simple.

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When folded, the kettle is extremely small and will take up less space than popular ceramic soup cups. When I measured it, the GTC-600 turned out to be 11 cm in diameter and 6.5 cm high when folded.

To unfold it, grab the top and bottom part of the housing with both hands. At the bottom there are two recesses that we can grab with our fingers. Then the kettle needs to be stretched like a harmony. This gives it an additional 10 cm in height and a total of 0.6 liters of capacity.

By default, the handle is folded up and hooked into the lid. Just pick it up on one side and open it until you hear a click. Thanks to this, we know that the handle is securely locked and will not let go when lifted.

To pour the water in, just open the lid. We do not have any filter-strainer here, so the device must be cleaned regularly. The rubber center is soft (which makes it easier to fold and unfold), but any embedded stone will fall off very quickly. If we neglect regular cleaning and taking into account the very high hardness of water in Poland, we will quickly pour stone into our tea.

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The kettle is connected to the electricity with a directly plugged-in plug. It is a pity that the manufacturer has not decided to use a stand from which we would take the kettle out. In the course of testing, I noticed that a fairly stiff cable just makes it difficult to pour boiled water (it pulls). It is worth adding that the kettle is protected against accidental switching on and it is not enough to connect it to the power supply – you also need to press the start button, which we will find out through the blue backlight.

The Gotie GCT-600 tourist kettle has 600 watts of power, that’s a lot and a little. Little for a kettle, but a lot for such a small device. Therefore, the water boils quite quickly. When it cools down and you want to pack it – pour out the rest of the water and just press it. It will assemble by itself. It is stored in a waterproof pouch, which is a good idea if there is even a little water left in it.



We can buy a kettle for less than PLN 50. It is a very good choice for people who like to travel and spend a lot of time away from home. I recommend.

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Jakub Markiewicz
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We can buy a kettle for less than PLN 50. It is a very good choice for people who like to travel and spend a lot of time away from home. I recommend.Gotie GCT-600 tourist kettle (review, opinions)