iPhone 11 – is it still worth buying?



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With the premiere of 13 series of smartphones from Apple, the former flagship models, especially the 11 series, are experiencing a real renaissance in Poland. All thanks to a fairly attractive price. Is it worth reaching for this over 2-year-old smartphone?

The iPhone 11 series premiered in the world in September 2019. However, Apple has accustomed users to the fact that their smartphones age quite well and hold the price for a long time. At the time of release, this phone was equipped with iOS 13, which can now be updated to the latest version – 15. This introduces many new features, including: better FaceTime with support for surround sound, background erasing, and improved audio quality. Interestingly, a person without an Apple device can also join a group conversation – just send him a special invitation in the link. In addition, with the new software on smartphones, navigation has been improved, automatic correction of captured photos, a new Safari browser and many improvements have been added.

The screen of the iPhone 11 series

Depending on the version, the iPhone 11 has a screen made in IPS LCD or OLED XDR technology, which displays the image at a frequency of 60 Hz. This is not much compared to modern flagships, but the iPhone has always been distinguished by the great quality of its displays. It is no different here. Both models – and the basic 11 and the 11 pro version are just very good. For example, the 11 pro model has two maximum brightness settings. In bright sunlight, the screen reaches 800 nits, and in a maximum dynamic range of 1200.

The camera in the iPhone 11 series

However, what made the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro stand out and still stand out is the camera packed with additional electronics. Here the photos – both in good and low light, are simply brilliant. Smart HDR detects which parts of the face are too dark and automatically changes the exposure in these places to bring out as much detail as possible from the image. In the case of photos using a wide-angle lens, we do not have to reveal ourselves about distortions. In this case, the software also makes sure that the photo does not have such a flaw. The strongest point of iPhones has always been the portrait mode. The option of separating the person from the background works great, as well as various lighting modes that allow us to perform treatments straight from Photoshop, from the level of the smartphone itself.

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iPhone 11 pro - aparat
iPhone 11 pro – aparat

Battery for iPhone 11 series

Looking at the specifications of the iPhone 11, you get the impression that its battery has a fairly low capacity compared to the competition. After all, most Android smartphones can boast batteries above 4,000 mAh. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are just 3110 mAh. It turns out, however, that the device manages its resources quite efficiently. This allows the device to work for nearly 18 hours in data transmission mode and 15 hours when watching movies. In normal operation mode, you can even get closer to a whole day. This is a very good result for a smartphone in general.

The downside to this phone, however, is the charger. That is, it is a small plus, because in the next model there was no charger in the set at all. In the 11 series, it has 5W of power, which allows you to fully charge your smartphone in over 3.5 hours. Interestingly, the iPhone 11 supports fast charging mode (18W), but you need to buy a separate charger. The smartphone can also be charged inductively.

What’s the difference between the Pro version and the Pro Max version?

All versions debuted in 2019. The biggest difference between the two versions is the screen size. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max has a slightly larger screen (6.5 inches instead of 5.8 inches), which allows for a slightly higher resolution. A larger phone also means more weight. In this case, the iPhone 11 Pro is 38 grams lighter (188 g vs 226 g). The rest of the parameters are the same.

To sum up

The iPhone 11, even in the basic version, is still a very good phone, even after more than 2 years since its premiere. For its basic version, we have to pay about PLN 2,500, which is nearly PLN 500 less than the competitive (and structurally less than half a year) Samsung Galaxy S20. However, it is worth adding a few hundred zlotys to the PRO version, with which we will get an even better camera and display.

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