JDM: Japanese Drift Master – Rise of the Scorpion

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Gaming Factory, in collaboration with 4Divinity, has announced the release of a free prologue for their upcoming racing game, JDM: Japanese Drift Master, titled “JDM: Rise of the Scorpion.” The prologue will be available on July 18, 2024, on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG.

Story and Narrative Elements

“JDM: Rise of the Scorpion” introduces players to the story of Hatori “Scorpion” Hasashi, a young race driver from a traditional Japanese family. The game combines dynamic racing with narrative elements presented through hand-drawn manga panels, allowing for deeper immersion into the world of the characters.

Hatori Hasashi, the game’s main protagonist, is depicted as an ambitious and proud young man striving to earn recognition on the racetrack. Players will have the opportunity to compete against various characters who will influence the plot and Hatori’s fate.

Supporting Characters

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The prologue also introduces a range of supporting characters who play significant roles in Hatori’s life:

  • Aoi Ishida: Hatori’s childhood friend from a traditional family, supporting him both on and off the track.
  • Ayumi Kurama: A wealthy girl who excels in everything, including drifting. Her relationship with Hatori becomes complicated as their rivalry on the track intensifies.
  • Satoru Hayashi: Hatori’s main rival, coming from a poor family, which fuels his determination to succeed in drifting.
  • Kaori Kato: Aoi’s best friend, an independent and artistic girl working in a paint shop. Although she believes Hatori is not the best choice for Aoi, she always supports her.

New Locations and Racing Conditions

The open-world map in “JDM: Rise of the Scorpion” will be enriched with new, intriguing areas and challenging tracks. Players can return to the winding mountain paths around Haikama Lake, familiar from the demo version, and try out new routes through the Tengai Forest, perfect for honing their driving skills.

The prologue introduces a dynamic weather system and a day-night cycle, adding realism to the races. Changing weather conditions, such as rain, fog, or monsoons, affect the cars’ grip, forcing players to adapt their driving style to the current conditions.

Game Development

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“JDM: Rise of the Scorpion” is just an introduction to the full version of JDM: Japanese Drift Master. The characters and stories presented in the prologue will be developed and continued in the main game. Gaming Factory and 4Divinity plan regular updates and expansions to keep players engaged and expand the game world.

Founded in 2017, Gaming Factory specializes in supporting indie developers and bringing unique game ideas to life. 4Divinity, which handles both digital and retail game publishing, collaborates with developers worldwide to deliver exciting game content to the global market.


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