NAVITEL AIR 15 AL – universal air compressor test (reviews)



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Navitel AIR15 AL is a wireless air compressor that looks a bit like a powerbank. It is small, light and quite efficient. How does it work in practice and is it worth buying? About it in today’s material.

NAVITEL AIR 15 AL – introduction

I received this wireless air compressor directly from the manufacturer for testing. He came to me the day before the wedding, for which I went over 100 kilometers close to the eastern border of the country. I decided that being at a two-day wedding in a brand new suit, I would not have the opportunity to test the compressor. So I took it out of my bag and left it at home. As it turned out later, this was a big mistake.

The week before going to a wedding, I decided to change the wheels on my car. Of course, it’s warmer outside, so summer tires will be quieter on the road. The workshop postponed the replacement from day to day, until I finally got the replacement – almost at the last minute, Friday afternoon.

On Saturday the weather took a turn for the worse. From 20 degrees and sun, it turned rainy with the temperature reaching 7-8 degrees above zero. The route to the destination led through areas around landscape parks, so the views were great. Until suddenly the on-board computer in the car reported an error, beeped and showed poor pressure in the TPMS sensor. It turned out that there is not enough air in all 4 wheels. We had 35 kilometers to the nearest petrol station. It was then that I admitted that I should immediately put equipment such as Navitel AIR 15 AL and leave it in the car – then I would not have a problem while driving, making sure that the tire pressure did not drop too much. It turned out that the workshop forgot to check the wheels before and after replacing them. The temperature difference on the road also played its part. Fortunately, the wheels were not damaged.

We arrived at the wedding because the ceremony was closer than a gas station and we didn’t have much time to spare. From the church we went straight to the station in Włodawa, where a nice gentleman from the service, seeing that I was in a suit and a white shirt, and it was pouring outside – pumped up all four tires for me. During these over 35 kilometers I was full of stress, afraid that I would have to stand in the middle of the forest, without phone coverage and air in the wheels. A portable air compressor would be great insurance, especially since many local stations in small towns do not have a compressor at all.

Navitel AIR 15 AL
Navitel AIR 15 AL

NAVITEL AIR 15 AL – first impressions

The compressor is small and relatively light. Its handy shape and portable case make it easy to take it to a backpack or hide it in the car. The manufacturer has placed in it a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh and a voltage of 8.4V. Fully charged it is able to work for 15 minutes. You can charge it both from the socket and the cigarette lighter. It takes about 4 hours.

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One of the most important parameters of the compressor is its efficiency, which is up to 15 l/min, which allows you to quickly and effectively inflate tires in a car, motorcycle, bicycle, pram, mattress or ball. The maximum air pressure is 120PSI/8.27 bar, which makes it possible to inflate tires of different sizes.

LCD screen

Navitel AIR15 AL is equipped with an LCD screen that displays all the necessary indicators and function buttons. The device has a pressure measurement function, which allows you to accurately determine the current tire pressure. In full sun, the screen can be seen quite poorly, so it’s best to use it in a shady place.

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In addition, the compressor has been enriched with a LED flashlight with the option of constant, flashing and SOS light. You can activate it without having to turn on the device, but you also have to be careful about it. Hiding the device in a case with all the tips, I accidentally pressed the flashlight button. Like this – it was on all the time without my knowledge. Therefore, it is worth packing the device carefully so that, if necessary, you do not encounter a situation where the battery is discharged by the flashlight.

W ramach testów zabrałem kompresor Navitela do serwisu rowerowego LuBike.
As part of the tests, I took the NAVITEL compressor to the LuBike bicycle service, where Adam compared the device with similar ones he uses every day.

Kit contents

The equipment includes a pneumatic hose and 4 valve adapters that allow you to inflate not only wheels in various types of vehicles, but also balls, mattresses or swimming toys. The Navitel AIR15 AL air compressor is supplied with a storage case, USB type C power cable, user manual and warranty card.

The device allows you to switch between PSI, BAR, KPA or Kg/cm2. This is useful because I noticed that on different products, manufacturers give the maximum pressure in different units. The bicycle wheel is in BAR, while the volleyball ball already had PSI. A cheat sheet is also helpful – a table placed on the back of the housing. There are reference values for cars, motorcycles, balls, mattresses and bicycles.

NAVITEL AIR 15 AL in practice

After pulling out the bikes, it turned out that the pressure in each of the 4 wheels is equal to 0 bar. It took less than a minute to inflate each wheel to 4 bar. A flexible tip is helpful here, which makes it easier to attach to the valve.

Its length is sufficient for most applications. I was able to inflate a volleyball just as easily. I had a problem with converting units here, because the manufacturer marked the maximum value in kilograms per square centimeter on the ball. Fortunately, the Navitel AIR 15 AL can be switched to different units.

Without the slightest thought, I also pumped up 4 wheels in the SUV. After prolonged use, you can feel that the compressor heats up, as does the flexible tip. In a fairly strong sun, it is practically difficult to read the compressor’s indications – you should cover it from the sun with your hand.

I like its small size and weight. I easily put it in the pannier in the frame of the bike. The only thing I don’t like is hiding the ends in a small ziplock bag. This will probably be the first item I lose. A much better solution would be a different case, the ability to hide the tips in the device, or at least a small box that will be harder to lose.



Navitel AIR15 AL is light, handy and not too big. It works great for what it was created for. The set includes tips for various applications. I even used it to light the grill. This equipment is worth recommending, although the price may seem a bit high.

final verdict

Ease of use
Build quality
Would I buy again
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Navitel AIR15 AL is light, handy and not too big. It works great for what it was created for. The set includes tips for various applications. I even used it to light the grill. This equipment is worth recommending, although the price may seem a bit high.NAVITEL AIR 15 AL - universal air compressor test (reviews)