Samsung BeSpoke Jet AI Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Review, Opinions)


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Samsung BeSpoke Jet AI is the latest upright vacuum cleaner offering from Samsung. How does it perform in practice, and is it worth buying? Welcome to the review.

I borrowed the vacuum cleaner for review from the manufacturer. This is another piece in the series of searching for the ideal cordless vacuum cleaner for myself. Has Samsung convinced me enough to want to buy it? You will find out in the rest of the material.

Samsung BeSpoke Jet AI – First Impressions

The vacuum cleaner arrived in a surprisingly large box. This is all due to the fairly large number of attachments in the set, as well as the special All-in-one docking station, which is one big element. The whole set is in graphite color, which adds elegance to the vacuum cleaner. I must add that, surprised by the docking station and various attachments, for the first time in a long time, I reached for the instruction manual before deciding to start the vacuum cleaner.

What does this vacuum cleaner look like? It is quite subtle and does not particularly stand out. Its colors are muted without unnecessary additional decorations or an excessive amount of chrome inserts. The device’s handle, combined with a rather long battery, resembles controllers from old, remote-controlled toys. Our hand touches a perforated housing, which is plastic but seems to be covered with some fine, rubber-like anti-slip material. Once you grip it, you can almost immediately feel the element that goes between our index and middle finger. This solution allows for a better grip of the fairly heavy central unit and makes it easier to maneuver it sideways. The central unit itself looks like it’s made of rather poor-quality plastic, which somewhat surprised me at this price of the vacuum cleaner. Just above the handle, there is a display and three buttons. The minus and plus are used to change the operating mode, the middle larger button is the power switch. In my opinion, it is a bit too sensitive and too easy to accidentally press. Many times I accidentally turned the vacuum cleaner back on when I was just putting it in the docking station.

Samsung BeSpoke Jet AI is equipped with a HexaJet motor with up to 730 watts of power, generating suction power of up to 280 watts. This is both the newest and most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner among all Samsung’s previous vacuums. In the set, I also found 2 batteries with a charger. The manufacturer promises that fully charged batteries will allow us to vacuum in automatic mode (so-called AI) for a total of up to 160 minutes. In my opinion, this time depends on many factors. While vacuuming in AI mode with the largest turbo brush, a fully charged battery allowed for about 55 minutes of non-stop operation, but changing attachments, for example, to a crevice nozzle, significantly reduced this time. The remaining operating time is displayed on the screen after turning on the vacuum cleaner.

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The device can be charged in two ways. The first is an external charger. After inserting the batteries into it, LED lights turn on indicating the approximate charging level. There’s red, orange, and green. The second way is through the docking station. If it is connected to external power and we insert the vacuum cleaner into it – it will start charging automatically. BeSpoke Jet AI will also display information about the percentage of battery level.

Brushes and Attachments in the Set

In the set with the vacuum cleaner, I got 3 brushes and additional attachments. The first brush is called Active Dual Led AI and is the most universal one. It is suitable for different surfaces. It removes dust, cleans carpets, and also collects fur. It also has LED lights that illuminate the floor, helping us to see the dirt.

The second brush is the Slim LED AI. It’s smaller, narrower, and has a soft roller across its entire surface. It’s dedicated to hard and delicate floors. It also has LED lighting. The third brush is the Mini Pet Tool+. It’s the narrowest of all brushes and is dedicated to removing pet hair from upholstered furniture. The roller is shaped like the letter V, which allows collecting hair and fur towards the center, where they are cut by a metal plate and then sucked into the dust container. This means you don’t have to manually remove hairs from the brush. The set also includes a flexible attachment, a dust brush, and an extendable crevice tool for hard-to-reach places.

I really liked the option of extending the vacuum cleaner’s tube. When fully extended, the vacuum cleaner lengthens to almost 170 centimeters, which makes it easier to vacuum, for example, high ceilings.

Docking Station

The docking station is simply huge. Wireless vacuum cleaners from other companies have accustomed us to the fact that docking stations are usually mounted to the wall and do not take up too much space. You just plug in the device after finishing work and it automatically starts charging. In the Samsung, the docking station is not suspended, but standing. It looks quite interesting. It has a large and fairly stable base, which resembles a stand for a computer monitor screen. Such a solution allowed creating a place to slide the vacuum cleaner brush after putting it back into the central element.

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The station is quite tall, because inside it, the manufacturer has hidden, among other things, filters and a dust bag. After connecting the station to power and putting the vacuum cleaner in, we can turn on the cleaning mode. The workstation then does its magic – it opens the vacuum cleaner’s container and sets the device in vibrations, removing most of the dirt from its interior. As a result, when we next take it for vacuuming – the container will be empty, and all the dirt will go into the bag. The station has been improved with Air Spin Edge technology – a mechanism that rotates at speeds of up to 1000 rpm, facilitating the removal of even tangled hair. In addition, the station is equipped with a multi-layer filter that captures most dust particles. This is actually a very good solution, as I have a cyclonic vacuum cleaner and also a cordless upright at home. In these cases, there is always a big problem with emptying the containers in such a way that you don’t get dirty yourself and don’t breathe in the dust.

However, I don’t like a few poorly thought-out solutions. If you put the vacuum cleaner away without the tube and brush attached – it will move and may even fall off the docking station. It seems to hold securely only after attaching the tube and brush. However, here is another surprise. The tube is telescopic, and it must be folded to its default position for the vacuum cleaner to fit in the docking station. This is quite a hassle for quick vacuuming. Inserting the bottom of the vacuum cleaner – the brush scratched the rather thin paint of the stand after just a few days. The vacuum cleaner cleaning process may be quick, but it is very loud. You have to remember this when you want to quickly vacuum something in the evening, for example, in the kitchen. In most cases, you will have the docking station set to auto, so every time you put it away, the container will be cleaned. The set also includes a spare trash bag. Out of curiosity, I checked their price. A set of 5 pieces costs 99 PLN, so one and not very large bag costs as much as 20 PLN. For this price, you can buy 5 normal bags for a regular vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner in Practice

I tested the vacuum cleaner in many different situations. From everyday house cleaning, through thorough holiday cleaning, to vacuuming soil after plants, pine needles from the Christmas tree, or during additional tests at home. I took into account your previous suggestions and scattered ground coffee, salt, sugar, pepper, flour, universal seasoning, or tea in various places – i.e., everything that can most often be spilled at home. The vacuum cleaner in auto mode handled it simply perfectly. Both brushes had no problem sucking up the dirt on the first try. It’s worth adding that the vacuum cleaner is very maneuverable. Even a slight wrist movement allows you to turn the brush smoothly by 90 degrees without much effort. The problem arose when I decided to vacuum the corners of a high ceiling. Then you can feel in your wrist how heavy the central unit with the battery is. Additionally, when lifting the vacuum cleaner above your head, for example, at crevices, the air outlet blows straight into your face, which is not pleasant. There is also the possibility of connecting the vacuum cleaner to Samsung’s SmartThings app. Thanks to the QR code, it is quick and simple, but its functionality is so limited that there is actually no point in pairing them. In the app, you can check, among other things, when you last automatically cleaned the container, whether there is any reported device error, turn on… notifications about an incoming SMS or phone call on the vacuum cleaner’s display, or check how much electricity we used to charge the batteries.

Speaking of downsides, I miss a flexible attachment and a brush dedicated to cars. The brushes in the set are too wide and quite stiff to maneuver smoothly over the curves of the upholstery, so only the narrow nozzle remains. However, it can get clogged and you have to work hard with it to vacuum the entire car. It’s also worth paying attention to the size of the whole set. The docking station is large and if someone lives in an apartment block, they will not have where to put it. There is also a holder for accessories and it cannot be attached to the docking station, so you need to provide additional space for it. However, the biggest downside is the price. At the time of creating this material, the set I tested costs 5200 PLN, which is definitely too expensive.



The Samsung BeSpoke Jet AI upright vacuum cleaner is a very efficient cordless, upright vacuum cleaner. It performs excellently on various surfaces, can be used for a long time, and the special docking station cleans the container for us in a fully automatic way. However, the entire set is quite large, which may be a problem for people with small apartments. The price also seems quite prohibitive

final verdict

Ease of use
Build quality
Contents of the set
Docking Station
Vacuuming performance
Would I buy again
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The Samsung BeSpoke Jet AI upright vacuum cleaner is a very efficient cordless, upright vacuum cleaner. It performs excellently on various surfaces, can be used for a long time, and the special docking station cleans the container for us in a fully automatic way. However, the entire set is quite large, which may be a problem for people with small apartments. The price also seems quite prohibitiveSamsung BeSpoke Jet AI Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Review, Opinions)