The Finals from Embark Studios: A new era of virtual shooters

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“The Finals” is a first-person shooter (FPS) game by Embark Studios that immerses players in virtual arenas where they battle for fame in intense tournaments. Inspired by popular sci-fi narratives, the game’s dynamic environment and innovative approach to development open new possibilities for FPS enthusiasts. What makes “The Finals” one of the most anticipated titles in the gaming industry, and why has the beta version attracted over 250,000 players daily?

Innovative Gameplay in “The Finals”

“The Finals” is not just another FPS game. Embark Studios takes players to a world of virtual arenas, where the main goal is survival. Players create three-person teams, competing against rivals and using the dynamic arena environment to their advantage. The game encourages terrain exploration, use of changing weather conditions, and team tactics adaptation for various situations. Each match becomes a unique experience, thanks to the possibility of modifying the terrain and team compositions.

Embark Studios has introduced interesting solutions, such as the use of AI text-to-speech technology for in-game voices. Although this approach met some criticism, the studio responded to it by emphasizing their determination in exploring new technologies to enrich players’ experiences.

Reception of the Game and Its Development

Since its presentation, “The Finals” has received a positive reception in the gaming community. Embark Studios not only debuted with a strong title but also demonstrated their skills in dynamic physical calculations and environmental interactivity. The beta phase of the game attracted many players, and positive reviews indicate strong community engagement. Players can nearly completely destroy buildings in the game, making the title non-repetitive and allowing for the use of various tactics. This gives great potential for e-sports.

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Weapons Available in the Game

Players can choose their characters based on the “Light,” “Medium,” and “Heavy” scale, and the character model changes to reflect this. Each class has access to different weapons, movements, and functions, and also varies in movement speed. For example, “Light” class characters are faster and smaller, can use submachine guns and have the ability to become invisible. “Medium” class characters can use a healing beam, assault rifles, and shotguns, while “Heavy” class characters are designed to absorb damage, with access to machine guns and C4.

1. Light Class:
– Submachine guns
– Knives

2. Medium Class:
– Assault rifles
– Shotguns
– Healing Beam
– Defibrillator (for quick revival of team players)

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3. Heavy Class:
– Machine guns
– C4 (explosive charges)
– Sapper hammers

Additionally, players have access to various items during gameplay, such as barrels, plant pots that can be lifted and thrown, some of which are explosive. The game also features zip-lines that must be placed by a player with the appropriate equipment but can be used by all. Furthermore, players can use weapons like the “Goo gun” and “Goo grenade,” which create temporary, though destructible barriers, helping to control the battlefield.

Game Modes in The Finals

In “The Finals,” gameplay focuses on team competition within a virtual entertainment program resembling a television show. Players are placed in three-person teams that compete with each other to achieve specific goals in each match.

In the basic game mode, called “Cashout,” players form three-person teams that compete in opening vaults and transporting them to “cash-out” locations. The goal is to collect as much money as possible, represented in the game as coins mined from defeated opponents. The main objective is to control the area to perform the desired actions, inspired by “capture the flag” mechanics. The winner of the round is the team that collected the most money, and the score is determined based on “cash-out” value and other metrics such as points, eliminations, assists, deaths, revivals, and completed objectives. After the match, these metrics are presented to the players and their teams.

The game promotes emergent gameplay through a series of variable elements in gameplay, such as highly modifiable terrain (both destruction and limited construction), varied weather conditions and times of day that change between matches, and team compositions. These mechanics encourage players to explore different strategies and tactics to effectively compete with other teams.

“The Finals” by Embark Studios is a promising title that is already gaining recognition in the gaming community. It is currently a beta version that can be played for free. The game is available on Steam.


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