The new line of Samsung Smart 2023 monitors


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Samsung has announced the world launch of its Smart Monitor line for 2023. The new Samsung monitor portfolio, including the M8, M7 and M5 models (M80C, M70C, M50C), offers solutions that increase productivity and adapt to the individual needs of users when working, watching movies or gaming.

According to Hoon Chung, Vice President of Business Displays at Samsung Electronics, the introduction of the new line of Smart Monitors, especially the M8 model, is raising the quality of Smart Monitors around the world. Users can enjoy excellent image quality, performance, modern design and a personalized user experience.

The new line of Samsung Smart Monitors consists of a variety of models with different colors and sizes. The M8 and M7 models are available in 32-inch variants, while the M5 model is available in 32-inch and 27-inch variants. The M8 UHD monitor with 400 nits brightness is available in Warm White, Daylight Blue, Sunset Pink and Spring Green. The M7 model with UHD resolution and brightness of 300 nits is available in the Warm White version. The Full HD M5 monitor comes in elegant black and white.

The M8 and M7 models feature a slim design that is only 11.39mm thin at the thinnest point. The M8 monitor also has an adjustable stand that allows you to adjust the angle of inclination and rotate the screen 90 degrees vertically, which makes it easier to view long documents.

The Smart M8 2023 monitor has been equipped with many improvements compared to the previous generation. With 4K resolution, HDR 10+ and 400 nits brightness, it offers incredibly realistic and clear images. Users can enjoy services such as Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube through the Smart Hub feature. Both the M8 and M7 support up to 99% of the sRGB color gamut, which is essential for designers and graphic artists to ensure excellent color reproduction.

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Another improvement in the new line of Smart 2023 monitors is the improvement of the quality of work outside the office. Monitors enable remote access to computer resources via wireless link and screen cloning. The M8 features a magnetic and detachable Full HD SlimFit camera for video conferencing applications such as Google Meet using Auto Framing. Multi View allows you to use Microsoft 365 and viewer applications in full screen mode, minimizing the need to switch between them.

The new line of Smart 2023 monitors also offers personalized features. With the built-in IoT Hub, users can control home smart devices from a single monitor, supporting Zigbee and Thread networks. The M8 and M7 models are equipped with voice assistants such as Bixby and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control the monitors with your voice. In addition, the My Contents option allows quick access to useful information such as user photos, weather forecasts and more when the monitor detects a smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

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