Thermomix TM5 – Is It Worth Buying? Review after 5 years of use


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I have been using the Thermomix TM5 for over 3 years. What have I noticed during this time? Is it worth buying? What are its pros and cons? 

The cooperation with Vorwerk was one of the first big cooperation on my blog. It was after joint actions that companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes Polska and GearBest contacted me. It all started with an invitation to cook together with the Thermomix TM5. I had the opportunity to cook, among others with Michał Sadowski from Brand24 or Maciek Budzich from MediaFun. And since I like cooking and I often do it – somewhere in the meantime, a proposal was made whether I would like to take the device for a monthly test and honestly write what I think about it. I agreed. I liked Thermomix so much that it has been with me since 2017.

It quickly turned out that you were very interested in Thermomix. My main review was read by over 300,000 people. The movie that was made as part of it has already passed almost 500 thousand views on YouTube. There were many questions, but also comments that it is not worth buying Thermomix, that it is too expensive and useless. That’s why I decided to come back to this topic after 5 years. In the comments, many people wrote that the Thermomix is an unhelpful device, that there is no point in buying it, that it is for total laymen who cannot do anything in the kitchen. So what are my feelings after nearly 5 years with the Thermomix TM5? Using the experience with this equipment, I will answer your most frequently asked questions.

Is Thermomix good for those who cannot cook?

Thermomix is not suitable for complete laymen. Yes, you can follow the instructions on the screen and finally cook something – it’s true. However, you need to have a sense and taste for this, because these types of dishes are quite poorly seasoned. While cooking, we gain experience, but also our own preferences regarding the taste. Some people like more spicy meals, others much milder, someone else will add more salt, etc. Dishes made with the use of automatic recipes go exactly in the middle, so it is worth experimenting and modifying the recipes available in the system, and this already teaches the culinary sense. Importantly, the selection of the right ingredients is equally important. When you buy poor-quality meat, the whole dish will not be good.

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Access to the Cookidoo recipe platform

The big disadvantage of the Thermomix TM5 is the Cookidoo platform. As you know perfectly well – the device is not cheap. I definitely think that access to the constantly updated platform with different recipes and thematic categories should be free for Thermomix owners. Currently, it costs PLN149 (nearly 35 euro) a year, which is an exaggeration considering the amount to be paid for the Thermomix. Fortunately, the device has a built-in list of common and basic recipes, so you don’t have to buy a subscription. After the trial period, I did not even think of paying extra for Cookidoo once for 5 years. It’s a pity, because there are plenty of interesting recipes to extend your Thermomix experience. Especially that a given recipe can be selected in the smartphone application and transferred to the device with one click. There – step by step you can prepare it from scratch, which is just a great thing. After purchasing the device, we have 30 days of free access to the platform and I have to admit that Thermomix would be unrivaled if access remained free.

What can the Thermomix be used for?

Initially, I didn’t use the Thermomix for small things for a simple reason – I didn’t feel like washing it every now and then. However, I read in the instructions that it can be washed in a dishwasher (which I do not have), you can also do it in a different way – for minor dirt, just add water above the level of the blade and add some washing-up liquid. Then start the Thermomix at 7.5-8 speed and give it several seconds to work in both directions. The effect is great. Of course, after kneading the dough, etc., it is worth detaching the blade and thoroughly washing the blade and the container with a sponge (if you do not have a dishwasher).

What do I use the Thermomix for most? Definitely chopping vegetables. It dices carrots perfectly, and so does onions. Herbs and garlic are also chopped very well. After all, I do not have to manually cut or squeeze the garlic so that the smell will stay on my hands for several days. Among the most frequently prepared recipes are, among others American pancake or ordinary pancakes, egg paste, garlic butter, kneading pizza dough and bread. I also made tinctures, smoothies and ice cream. I especially liked the steamed herb meatballs. Some things are made according to a recipe built into the device, others – I just throw mushrooms or other ingredients and set the parameters by eye. It is certainly worth testing the speed settings of the spinning blade. It works so well that sometimes, if you want to dice something, and if you set the speed too high – you will make a must. My father-in-law also asked me to help me grind horseradish. I used the Thermomix for this, of course. However, it is best to do it outside, because the smell of horseradish is so strong that, as a joke, I put on safety glasses, an apron and a mask and … it did not do anything. You have to be careful when opening the lid, because just such concentrated scents as horseradish or onion suddenly hit us in the face. You can also cook soups in Thermomix, but rather for a small family or for a day. The container is quite small, so we won’t prepare too much of this soup.

Thermomix TM5 condition after 5 years

The device withstood the passage of five years very well. There is practically no sign of abrasions or damage on the housing. The control knob works without resistance, the display is also lit evenly. The blades are still very sharp and care should be taken not to injure yourself while cleaning them. The main cover gaskets haven’t changed color and still hold great. The scale still works fine and does not jam. Here is a big plus for the Thermomix. However, it is quite difficult to keep clean the paws of the lid and the place where we put the main tank. It gets dirty all the time and is difficult to clean. I used additional accessories, such as a spoon or a basket, quite sporadically, because they were bulky and unnecessary for me in a given recipe. The Varoma for steaming is great and I like to use it. The downside, however, is the size of all accessories. In small kitchens, it is difficult to find a place for them.

Is the Thermomix TM5 worth buying?

The device is great, I can honestly recommend you, but I wouldn’t buy it. It’s just too expensive. I have heard that Thermomix is ​​a frequent gift for young people for a wedding – I would be very happy with such a gift and it will certainly serve the young people for many years. If you have the opportunity to buy a Thermomix second-hand, but from a reliable source – it is definitely worth it. There is no point in waiting for the price of new devices to drop, because they are practically not cheaper.

Jakub Markiewicz
Jakub Markiewicz
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