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The gaming community loves YouTube gaming videos. They rely on them for information and entertainment. They watch them when and where they want. Also mobile – according to the latest report prepared by Google.

When the first YouTube video had a million views in 2005, it found that online videos have become people’s favorite way to learn, entertain and connect with others. Since then, the number of published materials and their number of views have been growing successively. The interest of analysts from Google Think Insights, who wondered what billions of movie views could say about their viewers and authors, was also growing. The rapidly growing group of players went first. Compared to 2011, viewers have doubled the amount of time they spend on average watching such films. It is the gaming industry that has seen the greatest growth among all others. The studies included people aged 18 to 54 living in the United States. The entire 2011 and 2012 material movement on YouTube was analyzed.

Types of YouTube Games Videos

Before the player takes over 25 euro from his pocket for a new game, he wants to carefully check the product he is going to buy. According to the report, it does so close to 92 percent people. While the game is not yet finished, fans focus mainly on the content provided by the brand. They start by browsing movie trailers. The multimedia prepared by the game developers are the viewer’s first contact with the game. They last on average from 1 to 3 minutes. Players are suspicious of them, because special trailers usually have nothing to do with the final product.

Another type of movies is the so-called gameplay containing a recording of an excerpt from the finished game. In this way, designers want to show the best elements of the title before its premiere. Often, such films appear at the largest, annual electronic fair, E3. They take 5 to 15 minutes. Research shows that it is just before the premiere that the creators have the greatest influence on the players’ decisions.

After buying, the players’ approach changes significantly. They already focus mainly on existing communities. They also often create their own materials. Researchers list here entertainment materials that are a compilation of funny moments of the game, original ideas or parodies. They last up to 5 minutes and involve the community the most in voting or sending materials to others. It is also worth mentioning numerous video-tips for the game. More and more amateurs record videos in which they explain how to complete certain elements of the game. Such a film lasts an average of 15 minutes, but sometimes it is also much longer. In turn, the most community-engaging type of film is the video-review of the game. They are created not only by the media, but also by the players themselves. They last a maximum of 5-6 minutes and collect the most comments.

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It turns out that players search and watch YouTube videos mainly when they have a lot of free time. Most often it is between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. (32% of all views), on Saturday and Sunday. On the other hand, June saw a 17% increase in video views compared to previous months. This leap is even greater in July and August. It drops a lot after the holidays. The number of regular viewers who subscribed to a given channel on YouTube also has a large impact on the number of views. Research shows that such a person watches a given material twice as long as an unregistered person. It was also checked what the films are most often displayed on. An interesting fact is that, on average, every third person views the material on a mobile device. Still, gamers care about image quality. Therefore, nearly 70 percent. They watch game trailers on monitors that have higher resolution and quality. In turn, more than half of people use tablets and smartphones to watch guides.

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