Climber: Sky is the Limit. Plan the journey and survive



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Climber: Sky is the Limit is a game with a unique mixture of survival and simulation. The player takes control of a climber who takes on the most difficult and dangerous peaks on earth. To succeed you need to plan your journey carefully by preparing appropriate equipment, choosing a suitable trail, facing extreme weather conditions, and surviving. Game is developed by Art Games Studio – a small team and a publishing house from Poland.

Before setting off, plan what trail to the top is the best one, taking into account weather conditions and the weather windows. Sometimes it’s better to take a chance and choose a more difficult route, that will allow you to reach the summit before a snowstorm. Having appropriate tools when you need them is the key to survival. Each piece of equipment can help you during your climb, but also weighs you down, making each step a bit harder.

Ensure you have enough food to recover your strengths, a warm jacket, and a sleeping bag to warm up after a full-day climb. Good timing also plays a great role during the expedition. In the high mountains, where weather changes quickly and night falls very fast, plan ahead to set up camp in the right place that gives you wind cover making it easier to survive.

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During the journey, you’ll face dangers such as blizzards, chasms, vertical walls, steep traverses, avalanches, and crevasses. The key to success is to plan your next steps wisely and use the appropriate equipment at the right time.

If you want to successfully reach the summit you have to carefully plan your expedition.
In Climber: Sky is the Limit every attempt of the summit push starts by choosing the mountain you want to conquer. At the release, the game will feature a couple of peaks, each with different conditions, atmosphere, and dangers (based on their real-life counterparts). After choosing a mountain, sponsors will reach out to you with various contracts for a given peak. For example, nighttime summit push, reaching the top without using additional oxygen, or without using ladders. Each contract will net you a certain amount of currency, which you can spend on equipment for your expedition.

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After shopping you have to pack your things into your backpack, space is limited (depends on the rucksack type). With that in mind, bring only the most necessary things with you. Items placed in your backpack will also have an impact on your character balance.

Game’s Basecamp

Here you can rest to regain your stamina, cook yourself some food, prepare equipment, and more (depending on the mountain you’re trying to summit). After leaving the Basecamp you’ll have to watch out for the health parameters of your character. The most important 4 are:


The physical strength of the climber indicates your ability to walk, run, jump, climb and move objects. Almost all the actions you do require a certain amount of stamina to be performed. Keep in mind that, the heavier equipment you got on you, the faster it gets depleted. When you run out of it your character will faint. You can regain it by eating food and resting.


Reflects the mental health of your climber and his willingness to venture forward. Taking risky actions, such as sliding down the frozen slopes, overcoming crevasses, or climbing vertical mountain walls will deplete your sanity. Every failure during your summit push will strain your physical health even more.


Indicates your climber body temperature. The lower it is the more stamina and sanity you’ll lose during your adventure. It depends on the weather outside and the clothes you got on. It’s very important to adjust clothes to the weather conditions because freezing out would brutally end your expedition…


You got to eat to survive. If you don’t, your Stamina will drop to zero extremely quickly, making you unable to move forward. An empty stomach will negatively affect your Morale as well, so it’s very important to give yourself a treat from time to time. Not every food is equal, some are more filling than others and can give you a boost to your Stamina and Morale, or heat you up.

Of course, jumping through crevasses is not the smartest thing to do. It will take its toll on your character Morale, as well as draining his Stamina way more than using the ladder. But if you’ve got none on you, want to preserve it for later, or just want to feel the adrenaline rush you can just go for it.

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