Community Manager Guide. Part two – Trolls



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In the second part of the Community Manager guide, I describe other types of internet users who can be found on social networks.

Commentator type: Specialist

Such people are specialists who are ready to comment on a given topic with the appropriate background of skills (knowledge and experience). They write willingly, but their statements are usually difficult to understand by people outside their environment. Specialists are very often harassed by the so-called forum “experts” who deliberately provoke them by twisting the obvious. Marcin07Krupaw in the commentary to the song Bob Marley – Bad Boys on the website wrote:

“Man, the song” Bad Boys “and” Looking in Your big brown eyes “which is actually called” Sweet (a la la la la long) “are not songs by Bob Marley, but by a band called” Inner Circle “. This song was written in 1987, 6 years after the death of Bob Marley, and the vocalist of this band has a voice so similar to Bob Marley that this song is often confused. However, this song was made by the band “Inner Circle” and not by Bob Marley, who would also not record such commercialism. This is as part of the correction 🙂 ”


The term trolling comes from the English Trolling for fish, which means a special method of catching fish by casting the hook of the rod appropriately. Although nowadays people commonly referred to as trolls are not our best associations, even in the development of Usenet it was a kind of popular game. I would even risk comparing it to a “hidden camera”. It was based on the fact that experienced users took various actions to, colloquially speaking, “tease” new members of the newsgroups and upset them so that the victim would not suspect anything. When someone did it – he gained prestige
in the group, and the victim would sometimes get the message “you have been trolled”, which meant that he or she was screwed on.

Currently, trolling is a very negative phenomenon that is being oppressed on the Internet. The troll attack can be compared to a digital disease, which most often affects sites that do not require registration for posting, and also when comments on them are not moderated. When a troll joins the discussion, his messages only serve to upset the participants in the discussion. Most often they do so by explicitly and decisively insulting other debaters only to get them involved in the corrupting side of the flame war. Such users feel with impunity and the apparent anonymity on the Internet only attracts them. They use many tools to achieve the intended goal. Leszek Olszański in the book “Internet Journalism” notes that the most common and simplest activities include the so-called crapflooding. It mainly consists in flooding forums with various types of garbage, under which valuable information rots.

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While observing the web, I noticed several types of trolls:

Troll – Conspirator

This is a specific type of troll that is abundant in the world of web 2.0. Conspirators are characterized by the fact that they believe that they are the best informed of all, thanks to which they can find (often fictitious) irregularities, scams, frauds on websites. Such people can be found at all typical competition entries. Their occurrence is more frequent, the more attractive the prizes are to be won. Usually, the posts are full of regret and are designed to turn the public against the administration. In the topic on, in which the winner of the laptop was published, Ghunter comments: “By the way, you noticed, dear MM-user, that with Alex’s comment, the one with the advertising slogan, there is a clear note” choose it “? silent conspiracy, and he let someone know that it was HIM and not someone else … Hm. Yes, I am oversensitive to such rollers, because honestly it smells like a shame here. ”

Conspirators are also active during important discussions, often controversial conversations on forums in which the administration intervened. They are most often the authors of deleted, moderated posts who publicly accuse moderators of censorship, cronyism, and bias.

Troll – Moralizer

He is a character who likes to point out mistakes to others without sparing words. Most often she writes in vulgar affect (provoked by a given situation, relieves tension by throwing indecent words at her target), comparing the described person to himself, presenting herself as an idealized character (clearly or in the form of irony). An internet user with the pseudonym Lajkonik in the commentary to the movie Dangerous Maneuver posted on YouTube says: “Everyone sees the indicator, but you don’t. Take the pus out of your eyes and read the dictionary of the Polish language, maybe you will find some synonyms (you will need a dictionary of foreign words for this word), profanity, blasphemy. ”

There is no shortage of such comments on the web. Anonymous on in the commentary to the text You got pregnant, because there was sperm in the pool, says: “Idiot, remember yourself. Before you express your view, please read the term irony! Are you that stupid and you can’t see it? After all, all the comments above are sheer irony !! ”

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Troll: Collector

We can meet them most often on social networking sites for young people or on forums of information portals. Such people love (usually aimlessly) to collect Internet users with specific views, features, etc.

Collectors are characterized by the fact that they very often set up new topics, in whose titles they write phrases such as “Let people who … write”, eg “Let people who have an account on Facebook write here” or: “Who deleted an account on portal’s name let it sign in ”

Collectors are very susceptible to Internet spam and are eager to send out all kinds of chain letters, such as “If you don’t send this message to 10 people, your parents will die. A friend did not do it and yesterday his parents died in a car accident ”. There are plenty of such entries.

A very interesting guide “How to talk to me” has appeared on the Internet. It is written by many authors and we can find various versions of it on hundreds of websites. He is filled with aversion to various kinds of “antisocial” behavior on the Internet. We read: “Chains are a special topic. I do not tolerate any, but it ANY tapeworms about Albanian viruses, dying kids, or f ** k (author’s note, censored) tests for good luck. Sending me such a message is tantamount to total disrespect for my person. Let’s not be idiots and let’s not send this nonsense to anyone !! If you send me this, you are a mindless idiot who was framed by another idiot “(Uranus4, How to talk to me)

Troll: The “expert” connoisseur

Such people have nothing to do with the described specialists. Very often they consider themselves people who know everything when someone asks a simple question or, on the contrary, they are indignant by writing phrases such as: “Jesus, who am I talking to”, “You don’t know anything about it, don’t even think about it”. Experts are characterized by a large number of friends, whom they eagerly mention in a conversation, referring to them, for example, “I know, because my friend was there / has such a car / bought such a phone”. Most often it is not true and it serves only to spite real specialists and to authenticate one’s own “joyful creativity”, which has not much in common.
with reality.

On the E-fact tabloid forum, an anonymous user comments: “As always, you have shown the fact what a great funny trash can you are. Editorial office full of idiots. ” When writing, experts like to introduce personal taunts to them in order to provoke the authors of the commented articles. Anonymous writes: “Honestly speaking, the most harmful thing after lemon is to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, only the moron from the article did not write this: D” (Do you like orange juice? Watch your teeth.

Troll: Neostrada’s child

Neo babies is a very interesting term. It was established at the beginning of the 21st century, when the Internet in Poland began to spread more and more. Back then, the children received Neostrada TP (very first common internet connection) as gifts instead of bicycles, rollers, etc. As a result, many young people from primary and middle schools appeared on the web. This harsh term became popular when it turned out that young, inexperienced users started spamming all kinds of specialized forums, telling their participants to do their homework or give a ready-made solution to a problem. Lack of knowledge, good will and willingness to learn, additionally ignorance of netiquette and habits prevailing on the Internet, as well as aggression related to refusal to help or drawing attention resulted in numerous blockades of “Neo children” on forums and websites. The user with the nickname, Mr. Janek (tiger), replying to the taunt of one of the Internet users, who said that the commentators are stupid, wrote: “And you are an idiot!” (, commentary to the text: She got pregnant because there was sperm in the pool). Now this term is rarely seen anymore.

Troll: Hunter

This is how I decided to name the users who track and ruthlessly execute all the mishaps of content creators on the web. Their favorite hunting grounds are the pages of local newspapers and news portals, where the pace of publishing information is a more important factor than taking care of its quality. The hunters, unlike other web2.0 characters I have described, do not comment on the event, but publish their find. The comment already belongs to other people. Some Internet users are very sensitive to any journalistic blunders, as even popular tv reporter Piotr Czech found out. The journalist became a hit on YouTube after users noticed in one of the reports that a link to a pornographic film appears in the history of visited pages when entering a website address. 

Troll: Politician

There are also many such people on the Internet, and their favorite area of activity are large information portals. It is not about people who work in the profession of a politician, but about the characteristic statements of Internet users.

In each text and commentary, these people see a (sometimes trivial) reference to the current political situation, which acts on them like a blanket against a bull. Then, depending on their political beliefs, they comment clearly blaming one of the political groups for the situation. The most interesting fact here is that politicians are very eager to write comments on other comments and on texts that do not refer to politics in any way. User with nickname Go posldpsl !!!! commenting on the text about the suicide of the 52-year-old writes: “Show me at least one industry plant that collapsed during the two years of PiS rule !!! I don’t know anything about it!!!!! You have your PO-junkies, thieves, crooks, bandits !!! It’s all “thanks” to idiots who were afraid of PiS (apparently they had something on their conscience) and voted for this F*cked Rice Mafia !!!! ! ” [, comments to the text – Autumn depression killed him)

In the next post in the Community Manager Guide series I will describe Flooders, spammers, impudent commentators, ironists and reveal the backstage of the so-called Agents who manipulate online communities.

Jakub Markiewicz
Jakub Markiewicz
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