Polishing the paintwork in your car after winter (how to, diy)



Beautiful shine, the appearance of a wet car, or a mirror-like surface – we associate these elements with new cars straight from showrooms. However, with time, the effective appearance of the paintwork disappears, and the surface becomes dull and full of scratches. We can remedy this by properly protecting and polishing the varnish.


Polishing the car’s paintwork – introduction 

Few drivers clean their cars well during the winter season. They are limited to the occasional and quick use of high-pressure or automatic washers. Changes come only with the arrival of the first warmer and sunny days. Then we have more desire to take care of the car in a more precise way. Then all the blemishes and damages come out, also scratches disliked by everyone.

Deeper scratches and smaller so-called swirls is almost an inseparable element of every car that moves on the road. Car paint is constantly exposed to minor damage during even normal and slow driving.

Smaller and larger pebbles, sand and other debris constantly hit the cars, creating scratches in the clearcoat layer. Sometimes they are so deep that they reach the base coat or even the undercoat. Each such damage creates holes in the perfectly smooth surface of the paint, which makes it matt and refracts the light, revealing any imperfections. In winter, the problem is even greater due to the low temperature, freezing water and the ubiquitous sand and salt used for sprinkling roads. Additionally, many people wash their car inappropriately. Automatic car washes or the use of brushes on paint on the so-called touchless car washes. Both of these elements act like a peeling on the paintwork, drawing everything they touch with particles of dirt. When parking near bushes and trees, be careful in windy weather. Swaying dry twigs on the body of our car can create a lot of damage.

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