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Recently, while visiting friends, I came across the Bosch Tassimo TAS 2005 coffee machine. I must admit that the coffee that comes out of it is very good and the operation itself is very simple and intuitive.

Ekspresy do kawy Bosch Tassimo TAS 2005

Bosch Tassimo TAS2005 costs about 60 euro. I was able to buy the specific model I am describing in the promotion for 45 euro. The store also added a few boxes of capsules. It should be noted here that Bosch Tassimo not only brews coffee. You can also choose from hot chocolate or various types of teas.

After adding water to the container, choose the appropriate capsule with the drink. In the case of coffee with milk – latte, to make one coffee, you need to use two capsules – with milk and coffee. First, put the one with the milk. It is simple and intuitive, but requires a bit of practice, because if you insert the capsule incorrectly, the machine will not read the code from it. Sometimes the machine has a whim and doesn’t want to read the code at all. This happens extremely rarely, but can be very irritating.

Once the machine has read the code, the orange LED will change to green. At the press of a button, Bosch Tassimo will fill a glass with frothed and hot milk in seconds. When the machine is already pouring milk, for a dozen or so seconds we can decide whether we want the machine to add more liquid. Just press and hold the button.

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After removing the milk capsule, insert the coffee. Tassimo mixes milk with coffee and creates a beautifully presented coffee (pictured). I counted four layers of different colors in my latte. This is a real treat for the eye.

How’s the taste? The taste is also very good and drinking coffee is a great pleasure. How does the Bosch Tassimo present itself in terms of practicality and economy? A package of capsules that allows you to prepare 8 latte coffees costs about 4.5 euro. You can buy a package cheaper online. The cost of one coffee is around half euro. In a café, we have to pay nearly 2.5 euro for the same espresso coffee in Lublin.

The Bosch Tassimo coffee machine is a good choice for people who like to drink some coffee. Here, the choice is limited, we also cannot brew our favorite species ourselves. I also tried teas in capsules recommended by the manufacturer, but I did not like these.

Is it worth buying this equipment? Yes, but look for promotions where the store adds a few packages of capsules.

Jakub Markiewicz
Jakub Markiewicz
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