Stadler Form LEO fan – opinions, review


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The Stadler Form Leo is an elegant room fan with 3d function. What is it about, and is it worth buying this equipment? Find out more in my review. 

This year’s summer surprised us with quite high heat. I have the opportunity to live in the attic, so without air conditioning, the temperature inside will quickly adjust to the temperature outside. And not only when the sun is shining. The walls and the roof are so hot that the thermometer does not change much at night. Something that will move the air in the room is here to help. Although in extremely hot weather just any windmill will not work. After all, hot air in the oven also has a fan and this is mainly for even and faster baking. And we don’t want to turn into a roast? 🙂

There are quite a lot of different fans on the market. Small and large, standing, columnar, with a mist function, rotating, plugged into the network or USB – in a word, there is a lot of it. However, the two most important parameters that are worth paying attention to are performance and noise. So what if we recently bought a beautiful metal fan, when it turned out to be not only expensive, but quite noisy. In addition, it moves the air quite poorly.

Stadler Form LEO – first impressions

The fan is white in color and resembles a small turbine from airliners. There is also a leather strap that allows you to lift and move the device. The power plug is connected to the bottom of the fan. The manufacturer has placed a special hole in the stand, so the cable is nicely hidden in the device. The set also includes a remote control.

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Stadler Form Leo can be rotated 180 degrees side to side. Vertically tilts 90 degrees. We can turn on both functions at the same time, which gives us the aforementioned 3D mode. The device has 4 levels of blower power regulation. There is also a special blast mode. After turning it on, the fan simulates gusts of wind by smoothly regulating the force of operation in the range from 1 to 3 degrees. Unfortunately, this is pre-set and we cannot regulate how this option works.

Stadler Form LEO in practice

The device looks great as a piece of furniture. It is not large (nearly 2 times smaller than my standing fan and has similar efficiency) and can be easily placed on a computer desk. What I liked was the ability to attach the remote control (magnetically) to the arm of the housing. This is a smart solution, but also very helpful, because the remote control is not big, and I tend to loss things like that.

When discussing the remote control, it should be mentioned that not all functions are available on the device. In my opinion, quite important – the automatic shutdown time was missing. To set the fan to turn off automatically after a certain period of time, you have to press the button on the device. Lying comfortably in bed and falling asleep in front of the TV, you just don’t want to get up anymore. Another thing is that the remote control is not large, the markings on it are legible, but only in good lighting. With the light comes only from the TV, you just need to remember the layout of the keys to know what you are about to press.

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In the case of the pilot, I have one more comment. The receiver at Stadler Form Leo is located centrally on the swivel stand. If the fan is currently turning either side, the remote simply won’t work.

The device has quite a lot of power and the gusts of wind are noticeable. While working at the computer and listening to music, I was using the fan on levels 2 and 3 from a distance of about 2.5 meters. I like the blast mode, but only when the fan is stationary. In the vertical or horizontal motion option, the program is repetitive and lacks randomness. Depending on the point at which you turned it on, you may find that the strongest gust is always when the device is aimed at the ceiling.

In a small bedroom, we used the fan in the evening at no more than 2/4. The noise from the higher settings became irritating and drowned out the dialogue on the TV. However, the second level was enough to feel comfortable in the room, and even sleep with the Stadler Form LEO working. We also enjoyed using the blast mode.

It is also worth noting that in rotary mode it is difficult to feel the initial position of the center of the fan. By placing it in a specific place, each person will set the fan on himself and turn it on. It may turn out that in the rotary mode the fan turns away from us completely, because when we put it in its place, we accidentally set it in an extreme position. This has happened to me many times. The fan can also move the canopy up and down 90 degrees. Its lowest position is parallel to the posture. This can be a problem for people who would like to put the equipment on a higher piece of furniture so that it can blow on us in advance.



The Stadler Form LEO fan is nice, efficient and not too big. By using it in mode higher than 2, the power level becomes noisy. He can, however, stir the air in the room quite well. Its advantage is also the remote control, but it is not cheap equipment. Nearly PLN 500 should be spent on its purchase.

final verdict

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The Stadler Form LEO fan is nice, efficient and not too big. By using it in mode higher than 2, the power level becomes noisy. He can, however, stir the air in the room quite well. Its advantage is also the remote control, but it is not cheap equipment. Nearly PLN 500 should be spent on its purchase.Stadler Form LEO fan - opinions, review