Electric grill GÖTZE & JENSEN GL801X (review, opinion)


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The GÖTZE & JENSEN GL801X electric grill is a device with replaceable and independently heated grill plates. It has 2000 watts of power. Is it worth buying? Reviews, opinion.

GÖTZE & JENSEN GL801X electric grill – intro

I have been looking for an electric grill for my kitchen for a long time. It was supposed to be not too big, look attractive (so that it could stay on top all the time), be easy to use and have a lot of power – so as not to wait for hours to make your favorite dish. However, the choice was quite random. The more I read opinions on various devices, the vast majority of users advised against their purchase. The most common reason was, above all, insufficient power, which resulted in many hours of trying to grill meat, often with poor results.

I mentioned that the choice was not fully thought out beforehand. I decided to go and see different models of such devices at a nearby home appliance store. What I liked the most was the electric grill GÖTZE & JENSEN GL801X. However, I did not like its price, because buying it 4 years ago I paid almost PLN 350 (EUR 75). I didn’t know the manufacturer at all. I took a chance and bought it. Currently, it is available for half of this price, which is why I am writing a review to help in the choice of all people who are thinking about buying it.

Kit contents and first use

The GÖTZE & JENSEN GL801X consists of several components. This is the central unit (grill), two interchangeable grill trays with non-stick coating. There is also a manual, a spatula for cleaning, and a container for juices and fat.

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The grill is silver (inox). The large upper handle catches the eye first of all. You use it to open and close the grill. On the right side of the device and right next to the hinge there is an opening height adjustment. We can release it completely – then we get a contact grill, in which we can additionally press the ingredient between two heated plates. The remaining teeth indicate the minimum opening height. In this way, we will choose the optimal closure of the trays, so that both the larger and the smaller ingredient are always within reach of both plates. The last option is to release the lock, which allows you to unfold both trays in parallel. In this way, we get de facto two grills and a larger surface to prepare the dish.

Large temperature control knobs

The front part of the device has two large knobs for temperature control and three indicator lights. The lamps display information about the grill being turned on, and also inform which plate is currently heating to the set temperature. The knobs are quite simple – there is a scale around them, which is completely illegible. There is a minimum value, a maximum value, but this is only half of the scale, and the other half is also active. There is also no display here with information about the set temperature. In fact, I use this grill always in the heat position at max. Interestingly, both trays are controlled independently. This means that we can set different power for each plate. If you don’t need it at the moment – one of them can also be turned off completely.

Container for juices and fats

The GÖTZE & JENSEN GL801X does not have adjustable feet, which makes it a challenge to try to level this grill. On the table, I couldn’t find an even position for him, which meant that he was always leaning slightly forward. In turn – plates have a special outlet in the middle, but from their back. In theory – during grilling, all liquids and juices flow down to this point and drip into the inlet hole below into a special, pull-out tray for such waste. Otherwise, the juices begin to grill and burn slightly. And it is the latter situation, due to problems with leveling, that works most often. It just means more cleaning.

However, if you manage to place the grill in a good and even place, such a container is very useful. After washing, it can simply be easily pulled out and, like the heating trays, washed in the dishwasher.

Grill quality

It quickly turned out that the grill is willingly and often used by us in the kitchen. Reaches full operating temperature in just a few minutes. It is great for preparing not only meat and fish, but also toasts and toasts. It is simply sensational when it comes to heating pizza. I can even say that pizza tastes better when heated in the grill than freshly baked.

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The GÖTZE & JENSEN GL801X electric grill is a great device that I am very happy with. It has a lot of power, thanks to which it heats up quickly and copes with grilling meat, which does not take much time. It's a bit pricey but when bought on sale it's a real bargain.

final verdict

Ease of use
Build quality
Would I buy again
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The GÖTZE & JENSEN GL801X electric grill is a great device that I am very happy with. It has a lot of power, thanks to which it heats up quickly and copes with grilling meat, which does not take much time. It's a bit pricey but when bought on sale it's a real bargain.Electric grill GÖTZE & JENSEN GL801X (review, opinion)