Demoboost: Startup that allows you to create demo presentations for software companies



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A platform for creating, sharing and tracking personalized and interactive demo presentations for software companies, Demoboost has received funding of 1.7 million euros.

Demoboost is a Warsaw startup founded by Piotr Zesiuk (President), Paweł Jaszczurowski (CEO), Kamil Smuga (CTO) & Anna Decroix (CMO). It helps software companies to successfully introduce to the market and effectively sell and implement their products. The solution developed by the company enables the creation of stable, demo versions without the need for coding. The co-financing is to help the company conquer foreign markets.

The increasing digitization of processes related to running a business has contributed to the emergence of a huge demand for software that addresses ever new needs. Already today it is estimated that the global software as a service (SaaS) market is worth as much as 130 billion dollars. According to forecasts, by 2028 this market will have a projected compound annual growth rate of 27.5%. Then it is expected to reach a value of $ 717 billion.

As the nominal value of the market increases, the expectations of potential buyers grow, and the software purchase processes themselves become more complex. Already today 57% of revenues in the SaaS market are generated by channel partners. The founders of Demoboost got to know the dynamics of purchasing and selling software thanks to many years of cooperation as members of the Salesforce team. They managed to explore the specifics of work both as a vendor and reseller. Experience in purchasing software for global corporations helped diagnose the functioning of the market gap between the growing expectations of buyers and the ability of suppliers to keep up with them.

Today’s buyers expect immediate access to vital product information before making a purchasing decision. They also have clearly defined requirements. According to Gartner, 88% of software buyers use the vendor website, and 60% of purchasing decisions are made before meeting with the sales team.

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In the case of the IT industry, one of the most effective methods of customer acquisition is the presentation of demo versions that allow you to learn about the specificity of a given software. However, from clicking “order a demo” on the website to the first sales meeting, it takes an average of 5 days and this is one of the many stages of the entire process, which can take up to several months. The growing demand for demos at all stages of the sales process and the industry staffing gap are contributing to the length of the process. These problems are even more apparent to distributors who, often selling multiple products at the same time, have less access to the expertise and resources available to vendors.

How Demoboost works

Demoboost helps to increase the efficiency of demoengineers, which is possible thanks to the demo library. Demo-engineers are responsible for creating product demo templates that can then be used by the entire organization and its partners for live or on-demand presentations. Thanks to this, for example, the sales team will always be able to deliver a live demo tailored to the project without unnecessary delays, and marketers gain a tool to generate more and better-quality leads, while customer success teams will be able to automate the onboarding process.

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Jakub Markiewicz
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