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When choosing a bike trip, we can plan the route in advance on the virtual map of Google Maps. Google has released a special wizard where we can find the most interesting places and tips on how to get to them.

A similar system has been in operation since last year in some European countries. It has turned out to be a very popular tool that is used by more and more people. The function was also made available in Germany, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Poland. It is in the testing phase.

– As in other countries, we have added information about bicycle routes, paths and recommended roads directly to the maps. We relied primarily on information provided by Google Map Maker users, explains Kai Hansen from the Google Maps team.

Google Maps
Google Maps. fot. Google

To calculate a route by bike, simply use a computer or a smartphone on Google Maps to select cycling directions. Special scripts will map out a route that avoids busy streets and will use information about bicycle paths. The calculated travel time will take into account the speed of the bicycle, the type of surface and the difference in elevation. Bicycle paths are marked in green on the maps, to see the bicycle paths in a given city, just select the “bicycle paths” layer in the upper right corner of Google Maps. A navigation similar to the one you can use in your car also works.

Make Google Maps your way

Using another tool – Google Map Maker, you can create a more accurate and comprehensive map of a constantly changing environment. Once approved by the moderator, the changes will be visible on Google Maps, Google Earth and the mobile version of Google Maps, accurately reflecting your surroundings.

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– If your favorite park is already on the map, why not add all the sidewalks or the bike path on the outskirts? Help tourists discover your neighborhood by adding all the attributes of a local road so that visitors can easily reach the most important places. Join other local Map developers and use your local experience to review and approve others’ changes, encourages Kaushik Sridharan, software engineer at Google.


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