FOV (Field of view) in graphics and games. Everything you should know


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Field of View (FOV) is a term used in 3D graphics to describe the extent of the observable world visible on the screen. It is measured in degrees and can be thought of as the angle between the left and right edges of the screen or the top and bottom edges. The FOV setting in a game or app determines how much of the game world will be visible on the screen at any given time.

FOV works by adjusting the perspective of the camera in the game world. A small FOV will result in a more “zoomed in” view, while a larger FOV will give a wider, more “out” view. The FOV setting can also affect the sense of depth and distance in the game. A smaller FOV can make objects in the distance appear closer, while a larger FOV can make them appear further away.

The “best” FOV setting will depend on personal preference and the type of game you are playing. Some players prefer a smaller FOV to be closer to the game, while others prefer a larger FOV for better peripheral vision and situational awareness. In some first-person shooters, a wider field of view can be useful for spotting enemies. In other games, such as racing, a narrower field of view can provide a more realistic sense of speed.

It’s also worth noting that FOV can affect gameplay, as a larger FOV can make it easier to spot and react to enemies, but it can also make the game look unappealing. In addition, FOV can affect game performance, a larger FOV can cause FPS drops, especially on low-end systems.

Fun facts about FOV:

  • The human eye has a FOV of about 180 degrees, which is much larger than most video games. This is why some players find that a larger FOV setting in games feels more natural.
  • The FOV setting in video games is not a direct representation of the actual field of view, but rather an approximation.
  • Some games, such as first-person shooters, use a different field of view for different aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9, 21:9) to accommodate the difference in screen size.

FOV modification and Esports

In some cases, players may use third-party cheats or tools to adjust the in-game field of view (FOV) beyond the settings offered in the game’s options menu. In many online games, this is considered cheating as it can give players an unfair advantage by giving them a wider view of the game world, making it easier to spot enemies.

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Using third-party cheats or tools to adjust in-game FOV is usually prohibited by the game’s terms of use and may result in penalties such as account bans or suspensions. Some games have built-in anti-cheat measures that detect and prevent players from using FOV codes, and some game developers even go so far as to block the use of third-party tools that allow players to adjust FOV.

It is worth noting that not all games have the FOV option in the settings, some games have fixed FOV, in such cases using cheats or third party tools to adjust the FOV is not possible. Also, some games have a FOV slider but it only goes up to a certain value, in those cases adjusting it beyond that value will also be considered cheating.

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